A just war

Europe welcomes you
To stay where you are.

We are proud of the volunteers who take care of you,
Policemen and soldiers that stem the tide.

A model of international solidarity is what we are.
Don’t you bring discord among the Member States!

This is a just war to save the European values.
A war against pityless traffickers, reckless immigrants and misled citizen who support them.

Why do you try to enter the EU illegally,
When we have explained to you that it’s forbidden?

You are supporting the human traffickers.
With all the pressure we put on them, ain’t their fares prohibitive enough?

Your recklessness is threatening the survival of the European model.
Please show some respect for our achievements!

And don’t play that game of victimization.
Even dead you’re still an annoyance.


(Shame and embitterment, June 2018)


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