Back to the job

I like my job at the woxx, but it’s journalism I love.



Several weeks off the social media… several weeks of very demanding daylong activities. Mainly the woxx coordination.

We don’t have a boss, so each one of the political journalists fulfills the coordination job in turn, usually for three weeks in a row. Three weeks of being the boss? Not really. No commanding the others around. More like cleaning up the mess.

Not a very funny part. But part of the job. Unfortunately, it can make you forget what the real job is about: Have a special look at the world we live in and share it with others. Just my two cent.

Beethoven’s eternal quartet opus 130

Yesterday evening at the Phil’, there was this Cavatina from Beethoven’s opus 130, followed by the “Große Fuge” (yes, the Elias Quartet chose to play it that way). To me, it was a reminder of the shift of timescale that the human mind sometimes stumbles over. As in a quiet song that has been there forever, or an ancient reservoir of wild energy that can be summoned to help achieving great things.

The Elias Quartet: Songs of eternal quietness and wild energy

The Elias Quartet: Songs of eternal quietness and wild energy

That idea of timesacale shift that has been well formulated by my friends from the Bureau of linguistical reality in their definition of the term “Shadowtime”. An idea that is also part of the charm – don’t laugh – of the better Buffy episodes and comics, when instead of slayer kungfu vs. your daily vampire, they are about a timeless evil fought with universal resources of humanness.

I enjoyed the concert. It helped me getting back a sense of purpose, after weeks on duty. Living, thinking, writing.


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