Why we should nuke them

Whom? The Sunni people in Syria and Iraq, on whom the successes of the Islamic State rely.

1952 The_explosion_of_the_hydrogen_bomb_Ivy_Mike - US Department of Energy _ PD

Hydrogen bomb, 1952 (US Department of Energy / PD)

First, let me give a wrong reason to do it: Nuke them in order to easily solve our problem with the IS terrorism once and for all. Wrong, because killing so many civilians just because it’s an easy solution is morally wrong.

Now let me note that what we plan to do is not that different. Sure, the new alliance of the Western countries with Russia and the Assad regime is supposed to target the IS only.

However it’s illusory to think that we could get rid of Middle East terrorism just by eliminating a particular group. An analysis of the local situation shows that IS is a product of the civil wars in Iraq and Syria. If we only eliminate the IS, the revolted Sunni will look for other ways to express their revolt. And keep attacking those whom they consider as one of the causes of their ordeal – us.

War on terror, an answer to the Paris attacks?

This won’t probably happen. Because our new allies, Assad, his Russian partner and his mercenaries, as well as the Iraqi Shiite militias, will gladly fight the Sunni revolts til the bitter end.

Considering how these actors have behaved in the past, this will lead to a dirty war against several millions of civilians, with massacres of genocidal character. Compared to that, death from a nuclear strike, when it is well done, can be called a peaceful death.

So, unless we change our geostrategic approach, I consider nuking the Sunni populations the more human solution.

1000px-Mushroom_cloud - Fastfission _ Wikimedia.svg

(Fastfission / Wikimedia)

(Note: This text may contain traces of sarcasm)


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