Back in L !

So I’m back in L, and back soush-media’ing.

China at first was a soush-media desert. Then I got a VPN, was able to post on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.
As a matter of fact, I used this much less than expected (although it was worth it).

The immersion was not only linguistic but also social, so I tended to soush-mediate with my *new* friends over there, and really got into using Weixin, often typing in Chinese.

Now that I’m back to my *normal* life, I’ll have stuff to tell to my friends over here.
First of all there’s those unplanned elections, which will be an opportunity to experience the differences between Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.
Clearly, WordPress will be the place of choice for more sophisticated contributions, reaching far beyond day to day politics or even falling off topic ;-)

My China experience and ongoing adventure will also make for some writing material.
Although I promised my friends over there to keep in touch through Weixin
– in Chinese ^-v-^

More coming soon.Pano bridge 38 25pc